Salmon in the Classroom Program

   Getting kids excited and knowledgeable about their environment is the goal of the Salmon in the Classroom Program. The program is an all encompassing "web of life" field trip for kids who raise salmon eggs to fry stage while learning about stream health indicators and how to improve the habitat of Clear Creek.

   Salmon in the Classroom was started in 1987 by a local chapter of the Kiwanis Club to help restore salmon runs to Clear Creek while educating school children about the life cycle of salmon.

   Over the years the program thrived and became too big for the Kiwanis Club to manage. Their shoes were too big to fill so the Clear Creek Trail partnered with Clean Water Kitsap, Kitsap Public Utilities District, Kiwanis Club of Silverdale, Kitsap Public Health District, area schools, both public and private, Air Management Solutions, United Van Lines and the Suquamish Tribe to continue the program.

   In 2014, over 900 local kids were able to release their salmon into Clear Creek!


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