Typically, a trail adoption includes at least ¼ mile of trail.

   Work includes:

  • Trash Control  
  • Cutting back brush   
  • Leaf cleanup
  • Report damage, vandalism, graffiti or other problems
  • Trimming the grass edges

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                            Trail Maintenance


     Maintenance is a BIG job and volunteers can help out with cleaning picnic tables and signs and cut the ever present scotch broom and blackberries! Email us at


                   Trail Walking Volunteers can

Pick up trash – anywhere and everywhere. Just carry a bag. Preferably take it home, but can deposit, if desired, at trash cans at Schold Rd trailhead, Gateway Park trailhead, All Star Lanes trailhead Interpretive Center, or picnic pavilion off Ridgetop Blvd.
• Report problems to or 360.434.7665, e.g. trail damage, vandalism, graffiti, trees down, etc.
• Clean Interpretive Signs. Cleaning is easiest with a cart or wheelbarrow to carry rinse water, scrub pad and a good household cleaner with bleach.
• Clean recycled plastic picnic tables. Same cleaning stuff, but a scrub brush will work better than a pad. Shouldn’t try to clean graffiti, so there is no need to fiddle with solvents (If desired, most graffiti comes off with lacquer thinner or acetone, but solvents cannot be used on Plexiglas).
• Cut Scotch Broom: Need loping shears or pruning shears. Just leave the cut material to rot naturally. Small ones can be pulled up.
• Cut blackberries (Himalayan and Evergreen, not the creeping natives) - anywhere and everywhere, within 20' or so of trail. Again, leave the material where cut. The blackberries are very easy to spot in the winter - they are about the only thing that stays green.