2013 Dyes Inlet Beach Seines with Marine Biologist Paul Dorn



The salmon run in Clear Creek generally runs from late September through November, but the time may vary with local rainfall. Most salmon will wait for significant rainfall before entering the creek.

There is generally a good run of Chum salmon (mottled color about 7 – 18 pounds), a fair return of Chinook and a few Coho have been reported (both generally more evenly colored and more brightly silver).

Clear Creek is a difficult creek for salmon due to the widely varying stream flows caused by excessive runoff from the developed areas of Silverdale, Bangor and the Ridgetop area. Nevertheless, Salmon do manage to spawn.

Chum Salmon spawn in the lower reaches of the creek, and the fry return quickly to sea. Chinook and Coho spawn further up, and their fry remain in freshwater for 12 – 18 months. All Pacific salmon die after spawning.

There are egg baskets and rearing ponds, maintained by the Suquamish Tribe, further up stream to assist the natural process. Local children also raise salmon fry in their classrooms, which are released into the creek each spring.

The best places to view the salmon are the bridge behind All Star Lanes, the bridge site near Ridgetop Blvd, the North wetlands trail creek crossing and the Pedestrian Bridge.



    Six beautiful bird interpretive signs can be seen along the trail from the estuary up to the north valley.

    In addition to the signs, download and print a Clear Creek Bird Checklist - here


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