Clear Creek Task Force

   The Clear Creek Task Force formed in 1993. CCTF operates under the aegis of the former Kitsap Land Trust, a 501(c)(3) organization, now known as the Great Peninsula Conservancy.

   The CCTF is an alliance of Kitsap County citizens, businesses, groups and service organizations. It’s Mission is to create and maintain a community wide network to mobilize support, educate and focus actions to preserve, protect and restore the Clear Creek ecosystem.

    Members and supporters envision a future with Clear Creek as a healthy stream ecosystem with clean water, a healthy salmon run, native plants and animal habitat, providing quiet enjoyment and evoking sensitivity and respect for the stream, a part of our natural heritage.

   Task Force meetings are the first Thursday of every month except December. Meetings start at 8:30 a.m. Everyone is welcome. The Clear Creek Task Force is an all volunteer, community based team.

                 The Clear Creek Task Force Project has three major aspects:

     1) Stream sensitive trail development
     2) Greenway preservation; stream restoration, salmon enhancement
     3) Education and awareness through programs, trail work and public outreach.

                                                Community Support


  The Task Force created an ambitious master plan for the watershed to develop a trail system, enhance the stream for salmon and wildlife; educate and increase public awareness.

   The Task Force operates with an small operating budget of about $15,000 a year. Maintenance and operations funds come from individual and business contributions, public and private grants and county support.

  The Task Force has become a strong grass roots movement, a group known for it’s strong partnerships with local organizations and willingness to work with volunteers. volunteers from all corners of the community, especially youth -- from Eagle Scouts to Alternative to Detention juveniles.


         Great Peninsula Conservancy

   In 2000, four Land Trusts: Kitsap Land Trust, Indianola Land Trust, Hood Canal Land Trust and Peninsula Heritage Land Trust merged into the Great Peninsula Conservancy.

  The mission of the Great Peninsula Conservancy is to work to protect forever the rural landscapes, natural habitat and open spaces of the Great Peninsula region. GPC plays an important role in the Clear Creek Trail Project as the Task Force’s 501(c)(3) organization. It handles trail agreements; acquisition and stewardship of property easements, insurance and donations along the Clear Creek; and provides an advisory role to the Task Force.


Great Peninsula Conservancy
Suquamish Tribe
Central Kitsap School District
Silverdale Water District
Central Kitsap Kiwanis
Kitsap Public Utilities District  
Silverdale Rotary
Silverdale Lions
Kitsap Parks & Recreation
Board of County Commissioners
Kitsap Public Works/SWMM
Kitsap Historical Society
Silverdale Chamber of Commerce